About RIDE54

A new spin on indoor cycling

RIDE54 is Fresno's premier location for indoor cycling and TRX strength training under the same roof. We offer an amazing amphitheater-style studio with lighting and sound designed by a team that has worked for NASA (seriously) and pair that with the most inspirational team of instructors you will find in the central valley. Part theater, part nightclub, part sanctuary – every element of the experience is designed to help you lose yourself in our calorie-crushing, low-impact aerobic workouts that will lift your mind, body, and spirit.

The Studio

Together, we're louder.

There's nothing like the experience of being in a session when it all comes together – the music, the lights, the shared energy of a room full of people all riding together. This is not just something for seasoned riders, either. Don't believe us? Come see for yourself.

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The Bikes

Together, we're faster.

Whether you're a rhythm cycling junkie or an outdoor biking enthusiast, you're going to love our Stages SC3 bikes. They're the culmination of twenty years of indoor cycling design experience, combined with Stages' extensive knowledge in road cycling. They feature the most accurate power meters in the industry and once you use the SprintShift, you'll never want to ride without it.

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The Team

Together, we're stronger.

The most important component of the studio, we are blessed to feature this diverse and energetic group of inspirational people that are so passionate about what they do. Whether on a bike or in the strength room, they will be your agents for making true, meaningful changes in your fitness regimen.

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Never miss a special offer